How to Fix webgl hit a snag Error in Chrome [Solved]

If you are getting webgl hit a snag Error in Chrome and want to fix webgl hit a snag Error in Chrome then we have mentioned different methods to fix webgl hit a snag Error in Chrome. WebGL can contain an error of website crush sometimes. In that case, WebGL will not be compatible.

That is the time the message box displays “Rats! WebGL hit a snag error” in Chrome. The “WebGL hit a snag” error can show up while browsing any graphically intensive web page in Chrome. find all details on How to Fix webgl hit a snag Error in Chrome.

Sometimes when using WebGL we have an error about site crashing and telling us that WebGL is not supported. Even if we try to Reload the web page or try to go to another one, the message reappears. In fact, we get an error message every time browser try to access WebGL.

Fix webgl hit a snag Error in Chrome

When using WebGL, you may have had a problem with a site falling back to canvas rendering if WebGL is not supported or is found to have an error. When using WebGL in Google Chrome, an error message bar appears – “Rats! WebGL hit a snag.” It does not disappear till you do something about it. The webgl hit a snag Error Looks like Below.

WebGL or Web Graphics Library is a JavaScript API that helps with rendering interactive 3D computer graphics and 2D graphics on any compatible web browser, without requiring the use of plugins. It enables GPU accelerated image processing and the use of physics.

What is WebGL

WebGL is the easy and best way to bring 3D graphics and also 2D everywhere. Once written, it can run Everywhere. WebGL helps to optimize the performance of browsers, JavaScript and graphics drivers when it comes to 2D and 3D graphics. In fact, WebGL is the best way to bring 3D everywhere. It allows you to write once, run everywhere.

WebGL apart from used in 3D web design and gaming, it also has amazed scientists for research and scientific works.A book named “Cellular Automata” have used this technology to simulate Debris flow. here’s details on VLC Chromecast.

WebGL performs as a thin layer surrounding OpenGL which is commonly used for drawing 2D graphics. The purposes of this are:

  1. It accomplishes specialized codes in GPU and
  2. It helps to push data to GPU.

If you are using chrome browser then you may face many errors like Enable Flash in Chrome Browser or webgl hit a snag error, so use below guide to fix that, chrome has many features like you can Block a website on Chrome Browser and change Google Background.

How to Fix webgl hit a snag Error in Chrome

If you are presented with the Rats WebGL Hit a Snag error message whilst using Google Chrome, here is how to resolve the error message. Clicking on ignore or Reload makes the error to go away temporarily, but it can reappear later. Disabling WebGL fixes the error, here is how you can Fix webgl hit a snag Error in Chrome.

1. Disable hardware acceleration Fix webgl hit a snag

You can fix the problem and solve your page rendering issues by disabling hardware accelerated graphics from the settings in Google Chrome. Below is how you can do that.

  1. Chrome menu icon > Settings > Advanced

2. Under System, uncheck ‘ Use hardware acceleration when available’

3. Uncheck it and Restart your browser to make the changes live.

Hope this solution fixes webgl hit a snag Error in Chrome, if not try below method to fix webgl hit a snag Error in Chrome.

2. Disable WebGL from Chrome

1. Open Chrome using any of your preferred methods.

2. On the URL field, copy/paste the given text and press Enter to proceed.

  1. Use Ctrl + F keys, search for the WebGL entry. Once you find the option, click its drop-down and choose Disabled.

  1. Finally, click “Relaunch Now” button to restart Chrome.

3. Reset Experimental Features

1) Launch Chrome and copy-paste this piece of text and press Enter to move ahead.


2. – Now, click Reset all to default button on the upper right (see screenshot).

3) It will reset everything to resolve the issue of webgl hit a snag Error in Chrome. if this is not working try below method.

4. Reset Chrome Browser Settings

1.  On the Chrome browser, type in chrome://settings and press Enter.

2.  Navigate to the bottom end of the Settings page and click the “Advanced” button. Now, locate Reset section and select it.

3. This evokes a confirmation dialog, click Reset.

4. It will reset everything to resolve the issue of webgl hit a snag Error in Chrome.

5. Update Your Old Browser with Latest One

If your browser is not updated then you need to update your browser to the latest version. Chances are that you will get rid of these Rats! WebGL hit a snag error just by updating your browser.

6. Identify, Debug and Fix the WebGL errors on Chrome:

You have tried the above two methods, yet you could not fix the WebGL, there is nothing to worry! Here is another method though little complex, but worth trying. Sometimes, Google Chrome does not permit to access some hardware resources which include GPU in the computer. So here it is how to debug the problem:

In the Address bar search chrome:// GPU and you’ll see the errors highlighted in Red. Here are the common ones that cause Rats! WebGL hit a Snag.

  • Disabled features native_gpu_memory_buffers
  • Disabled Features gpu_rasterization
  • Disabled Features: accelerated_vpx_decode

The basic thing you need to know is that WebGL is a Javascript library that works on your web browser to make things beautiful and interactive. Without it, every web developer would need to craft animations manually.

So these are some methods to Fix webgl hit a snag Error in Chrome, if you facing any issue in any method then comment below and we will try to resolve your query. Due to ‘WebGL hit a snag‘ many of the Chrome users have switched to other web browsers like Mozilla or Opera.

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