Best Nova Launcher Themes [Top 10]

Top Nova Launcher Themes  – Find Best Nova Launcher Themes for Free. You can Find Nova Launcher setups here and with the help of Nova Launcher Anime Theme you can customize mobile. Nova Launcher is one of those gems that works right out of the box but has almost endless options to customize pretty much all of it. Using Nova Launcher Themes is easy and simple.

Latest Android Themes for Nova Launcher and Best Nova Launcher anime Themes. Download amazing themes for free and customize your android phone or tablet with Nova Launcher. You can download Nova and make use of the best Nova launcher themes and icon packs for Android available at Play store.

Best Nova Launcher Themes

If you don’t like the way your home screens and app drawer look on the phone you bought, you can install Nova Launcher Themes and replace it all with one install. And it will all just work.

As a basic Launcher or Home replacement, you have the home screens to place shortcuts and widgets on, icons to represent all of your installed applications, and a drawer to hold them all. Here’s How to Install Android Oreo Launcher in Any Android Mobile

Top and Best Nova Launcher Themes

As you know Nova Launcher does not have option to change theme so we have collected all themes from different source and bring you top and best Nova Launcher Themes.Nova Launcher comes with a built-in capability to design and develop customizable themes. A wide variety of themes can be made using the features available. So below are best Nova Launcher Themes.

1. Krush Theme – Nova Launcher Themes

Krush is a Nova Launcher themes with icon packs that gives your phone a darker, and enthralling look. It has a limited set of wallpapers, but they are quite excellent. Just pick a wallpaper in the background, and from the menu, choose Apply. Go back to the menu, choose Apply, then pick Nova Launcher. The changes will now be applied.

Click Here to Install Krush Theme

Theme Used: Grid Stryker Originals, Icon Pack: Krush Icon pack. Folder Icon- Fan, Folder Background- Circle, Background- Color and Transparency- Blue, 35%, Transition animation- Circle.

2. Batman Forever Theme – Nova Launcher Themes

Nova Settings: Nova Settings > Folders > Folder Preview > Grid. Hit the back button and go to Background and select the dark grey color (ff263238). Now go to App & Widget drawers > Background and set it to dark grey. Change the font colors in Desktop and Folders to white. Link is Given Below

Wallpaper: Batman.   Icon Pack: Whicons

3. Fire Theme – Nova Launcher Themes

This one is my personal favorite, it only has a date and time widget and bunch of app’s icon in the home screen. The soft navigation icon is illustration of galaxy 8’s.

4. Custom Search Bar Widget- CSBW

The CSBW is a cool app that redefines the way you use Google search bar from the comfort of your smartphone home screen. It works with a specific set of themes that are available for download within the app.

Once you download the theme that you would like to try, open the app, and choose a wallpaper, and set it up as a Nova Launcher wallpaper. Then apply the icon pack, You can now customize it, according to the wallpaper you have. It also comes in a few shades of colors.

Click Here to Install 

Theme Used: Material Things 6, Icon Pack: Material Things Icon pack. Folder Icon- Fan, Folder Background- N Preview, Background- Color and Transparency- Yellow, 0%, Transition animation- Zoom, Dock Background: Shape- Rectangle, Content Color- Pink, Transparency 0% In the advanced settings, activate Dock as an overlay.

5. Wave Theme – Nova Launcher Themes

6. Flight Lite Theme – Nova Launcher Themes

The Flight Lite gives you the option to pick from real high-definition photographs collected by Nate Wren, which you can use as a wallpaper. Upon clicking Apply Icons, the interface changes into a light, feathery touch in white. Check it out!

Click Here to Download Theme

Theme Used: Flight 21, Icon Pack: Flight Lite Icon pack. Folder Icon- Line, Folder Background- Platform, Background- Color and Transparency- Gray, 0%, Transition animation- Circle, Folders: Window- Icon layout- Label color: Yellow.

7. Dark Theme – Nova Launcher Themes

Even though bright colors make a mobile look vibrant but dark themes too have their own aura and charm. The dark theme is for all the black color lovers and people who like a professional feel during their mobile experience. A very popular Nova launcher theme with an excellent user value.

Nova Settings: Constant Search Bar to be switched on, Search Bar (Bar Style#3 and the Logo Style #4), Night mode (only).

8. Iron Man Theme – Nova Launcher Themes

Who does not love Iron Man? Well, I don’t know any people who are averse to Iron Man wallpaper on the mobiles. It not only makes them look cool but also stylish and sleek. This Nova launcher theme is Very popular among youngsters and superhero fans (Well there are a lot of them certainly!!)

Nova Settings:  Nova settings > Desktop > Wallpaper scrolling(Off), Look & feel > disable Show notification bar, App & Widget drawer > background > transparency 100%.

9. Greyscale Icon Pack – Nova Launcher Themes

Greyscale Icon Pack brings graphically enhanced images from the makers of this app. They are cool to use and kind of represents contemporary art form. So for all you Art aficionado’s out there, who would like to puzzle the onlookers, get this one!

Click Here to Download Theme

Theme Used: Flight 21, Icon Pack: Greyscale Icon pack. Folder Icon- Line, Folder Background- Circle, Background- Color and Transparency- Violet, 3%, Transition animation- Circle, Folders: Window- Icon layout- Label Color: Purple.

10. Minimal Theme – Nova Launcher Themes

The Minimal theme is aimed at people who like to keep things simple and clean. The theme brings all of that and looks beautiful too. With a very soothing look and feel and user-friendly customizations, this too is one the most popular themes doing the round in the market.

Nova Settings: Desktop > Search Bar Style > choose the bar style #1 and the logo style #2.

11. Flat and Colorful – Nova Launcher Themes

Nova settings > Drawer > Swipe to open and desktop > Page indicator > remove drawer icon.

This theme is clean with default clock and date widget on home, although we’ve lost track of the icon pack used in this nova launcher theme.

12. Colorful Theme – Nova Launcher Themes

Like bright colors splashed all across your Android home screen? If yes, the Colorful theme should surely make sure that your device’s display looks beautiful.

Nova Settings:  The icon and desktop size is about 120 percent, the search bars is switched on and choose the bar style #2, Select (yellow) as the page indicator color and circular folder background.

13. Material Design Theme – Nova Launcher Themes

The unique selling point of this theme is its unique icons and vibrant wallpapers. With a wide array of authentic and multi-dimensional icons to choose from this is a must have theme for all the android.

Nova Settings: About 120 percent of icon size and desktop size, search bar#2 bar style, the desktop grid is about (4 X 4).

14. Lines Free – Nova Launcher Themes

Lines is an icon pack that is a lot easier on the eyes and gives the user a very sober and lightweight appearance. The app is named Lines because of the vector form of representation of all your app icons. It is kind of cool, neat and yet maintains a lot of poise. You must give it a try with the changes we made in the Nova Launcher settings.

Click Here to Install Theme

Theme Used: Lines 3, Icon Pack: Greyscale Icon pack. Folder Icon- Line, Folder Background- Circle, Background- Color and Transparency- Violet, 3%, Transition animation- Circle, Folders: Window- Icon layout- Label color: Purple.

15. Moonrise Theme – Nova Launcher Themes

Moonrise presents pretty neat graphics for your wallpaper selection. The idea is generic behind these fantastically created wallpapers, with customization and synchronization with many popular launchers. Just pick the wallpaper, and apply the icon pack to enjoy a funky theme.

Click Here to Install Theme

Theme Used: Nightrise_Red, Icon Pack: Greyscale Icon pack. Folder Icon- Line, Icon Layout- Black, Folder Background- Disc, Background- Color and Transparency- White, 40%, Transition animation- Circle, Folders: Window- Icon layout- Label color: Dark Grey, Font: Light.

So these are best Nova Launcher Themes. Hope you liked these Nova Launcher Themes. So Start to customize your Android Mobile for Free.

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