VALORANT: 6 Community Tips to Help You Become a Better Player

6 Community Tips to Help You Become a Better Player

If you’re a beginner in Valorant, chances are you’re already overwhelmed by the game’s fast-paced nature. Even with some experience playing Valorant, the game always has those moments you’ll feel like you haven’t made much progress. Well, this is to be expected in most shooter games.

So, you must find ways to improve your skills and become a better player. In this post, we’ll discuss 6 tips that can help you make that difference you’ve always wanted. Lastly, visit Battlelog to Buy the Best Valorant Hacks to win the game undetected. But before then, read the tips below. 

6 Tips to become a better player at Valorant

Master a particular gun first

There are lots of weapons available in Valorant to excite gamers. But you will not make substantial progress in the game if you try to master different guns at once. Weapons in Valorant are unique and require an amount of experience to master each one of them. 

So, pick a good weapon in the game’s Meta and play with it. Pay attention to the weapon’s recoil and other properties of the weapon that contribute to your shots. Identify useful attachments and get them on the gun. 

Your pose should be second nature.

Some things should be something you do without giving it a thought. One of those things is your pose during combat. Suppose you’re engaged in a direct exchange of gunfire against an opponent, crouch. If it’s an experienced player, bets are their crosshair will be around the head level.

What if you’re playing against a noob who knows nothing about crosshair placement? Noobs will shoot at any body part, provided the crosshair is on you. Either way, crouching is still ideal.

Identify the role you play best.

You must avoid inconsistency at all costs because it slows down growth. After choosing an agent, focus on identifying what role your abilities allow you to perform well. Valorant agents fall into different groups – Initiators, duelists, controllers, and sentinels.

If you like playing aggressively, you’ll need to play with an agent such as Jett. Once you’ve picked your agent, experiment with his abilities in the range to know which role he plays best. More importantly, stick with one until you’re familiar with him, then move to the next.

Make everything move your way.

Don’t ever think that playing against an opponent with the same settings is a fair game. Different players have unique settings that help them function best. Some important in-game settings you should adjust are crosshair appearance, scope sensitivity, minimap, and audio.

In addition to the in-game settings, you might also want to adjust your mouse sensitivity a little bit. We recommend somewhere around 0.4, but you can go a little bit below or above that point.

Focus more on weapon accuracy

Valorant is a shooter game and, as such, depends a lot on your shooting skills. Quite sadly, guns in Valorant have a weird thing about their accuracy. This is major because of their high recoil. Well, we found a great weapon worth practicing with – the Vandal.

In addition to its low recoil and high accuracy, the gun has a high fire rate and delivers impressive damage. The Vandal is an assault rifle, and it’s ideal for close- to mid-range fights.

Learn to counter-strafe

This is a valuable tip if you prefer mid-range to close-range fights. Strafing allows you to move from side to side as a technique to escape bullets. Meanwhile, there are times when you’ll need to stop in your tracks and take an all-important shot.

That’s where counter-strafing comes in. To counter-strafe, simply press the button that moves your character in the opposite direction to where he’s initially going. This will immediately stop your character’s movement. Take the shot and continue moving. Mastery of this skill, in the long run, will greatly benefit you in both Valorant and similar shooter games.


Valorant is an exciting game, provided you have the required skills. Use the tips we have discussed above to practice and improve your gameplay. More so, the best way to become a better player is by practicing more and more. 

Thankfully, Valorant has a practice range where you can do all the experiments you want, ranging from abilities to guns to accuracy. Do your homework well, and you’ll be surprised at how much you’ll achieve in Valorant within a short time.

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