WhatsApp for Android beta gets REPLY PRIVATE feature

REPLY PRIVATE feature of whatsapp

The beta version of WhatsApp is now getting a new feature called ‘Reply Privately’ that will be available in group chats. This will enable the user to privately reply to a particular message that will be sent only to the concerned person opening a separate chat box.

WhatsApp Android beta has been updated with a new feature that allows people to respond privately to a contact in a WhatsApp group. As per a report by WABetaInfo, which is known for its accurate information when it comes to features in WhatsApp, the feature has been enabled in 2.18.335 of Android beta.

However, the site recommends to wait for version 2.18.336/337 update to try the feature as the current version causes crashes when one tries to delete media in a chat.

Reply private feature of Whatsapp – Details

1) The feature is called ‘Reply privately’ and it allows people to reply privately to a message received in a WhatsApp group.

2) When the users select a contact for options and tap on the ‘reply privately’ option, WhatsApp will automatically open a private chat window with the contact.

3) The report adds that the feature also works for old messages as well and also for groups where Send Messages setting is set to “Only administrators”.

4) The feature apparently works for closed whatsapp groups as well.

In simple words, it’s like a private chat that can be accessed in a group. This will save users the trouble of getting out of the group and then searching for the concerned person’s chat and then replying to the message.

This feature has arrived for Android users with beta version 2.18.355. Notably, the update appears to come with a few bugs as well. The latest version of the app reportedly crashes while deleting media files from a group. below is how to use reply private feature of whatsapp.

How to use REPLY PRIVATE feature of Whatsapp

1) To use the WhatsApp Private Reply feature, hold the message of the sender to which you have to reply privately.

2) Further tap on the three-dotted menu on the top right corner of the app.

3) Here, you will get the Private Reply option.

4) Once you choose the option, the selected message will open privately in the chat window of the sender in the form of a reply thread.

5) Please Note: This features is now not available to all users, only to Whatsapp Beta Users.

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