Many Of you are searching What are the chances of Microsoft releasing the Windows 13 Operating system, so in this post we have added some details related to upcoming windows from Microsoft.  Is Microsoft going to release a new Windows 13 OS? The short answer is no, as the Windows 13 release date is not confirmed yet.

Microsoft is not yet open to its next big project. They are busy in giving new updates for Windows 10. In 2016 Microsoft is expected to provide the new update, code-name as, Redstone to the users.

Though people are leaner towards Windows 11 & Windows 12, the previous launch of Windows 10 has gained a very big success. You will get to know more on Windows 13 Release Date And Features below in the article.

Windows 13 Release Date, Features

Will there be another version of Windows after Windows 10? Probably yes. Yes, I know MS claimed 10 is the ultimate version that will be updated ‘forever’. But ‘forever’ in business may be few years.

Is Microsoft going to release a new Windows 13 OS?

The short answer is no, as the company already confirmed Windows 10 would never get replaced. Instead, the big M will release two major Windows 10 OS updates every year. For some time now, people have looking left and right for any confirmation whether there will be new upcoming windows from Microsoft or not.

Windows 13 Release Date

Taken into account the details listed above, we can also answer the question related to Windows 13’s release date. Microsoft is not planning to release a new operating system called Windows 13. SO if you are searching for Windows 13 Release Date then you are in bad luck.

Microsoft is planning a big surprise for Windows users. As we all know Microsoft is working on the Windows 10 updates. There is a chit-chat out there for the preparation of upcoming windows from Microsoft. It appears that Microsoft is currently planning to put entire attention on Windows 10 branding, and they want to move away from any questions or staging of upcoming windows from Microsoft.

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  1. […] Je parie que Microsoft va un jour abandonner le 10 du nom, car le numéro de version réel est masqué dans le nombre de mises à jour, qui sont en réalité de nouvelles versions de Windows. Microsoft les fournit désormais de manière plus facile à utiliser et se libère du support à très long terme de certains systèmes hérités. Nous pouvons donc nous attendre à Windows 12 ou il y aura Windows 13 . […]

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