Windows 11 Release Date And Features and Other Details

Windows 11 Release Date And Features – Nevertheless, excitement is already touching the sky and fans have huge expectations from the Windows 11. A new and fast features wishlist is expected in the next version of Windows 11. Fresh format with several new applications without any compatibility issue is the most desirable feature that every Windows users are expecting.

Following precedent and current trends in the software business, Microsoft is highly likely to announce that Windows 11 will be open to Windows Insiders either starting that very day or soon after that.

Microsoft is not yet open to its next big project. They are busy in giving new updates for Windows 10. In 2016 Microsoft is expected to provide the new update, code-name as, Redstone to the users. Though people are leaner towards Windows 11, the previous launch of Windows 10 has gained a very big success. You will get to know more on Windows 11 Release Date And Features below in the article.

Windows 11 Release Date And Features

Will there be another version of Windows after Windows 10? Probably yes. Yes, I know MS claimed 10 is the ultimate version that will be updated ‘forever’. But ‘forever’ in business may be few years. If they find out re-branding could help to sell more licences, they will release some new Windows version like (yeah! waited long time to use this point) 640kB ought to be enough for everyone.

I don’t mean Windows 10 as a service was just empty words, but this business model may turn to be less effective for MS in some time so they gonna change it, together with Windows 11 version or windows 12 version or windows 13. There were many errors like Windows 10 Memory Management Error and Bad Pool Header issue in Windows 10, hope these all be fixed in Windows 11.

windows 11 Release Date

Microsoft is planning to release a new operating system called Windows 11 in Late 2019. Though there is nothing as official till now for the windows 11 Release date, leaks have emerged out and the people will be looking to have something bigger now.

Windows 10 is a very good operating system, but the October 2018 Update has left a bad taste in many users’ mouths. This is why I feel, Microsoft should just do a complete reboot of Windows again. Release a new Windows, called Windows 11 or something else.

If there be any updates on Windows 11, they will be posted on official Windows Blog. Now that it has been a long time since the release of Windows 10, users are waiting for Microsoft to show its cards on Windows 11 release date.

However, Microsoft, on the other hand, seems to have a different approach over the release of any new operating system. There’ve been a lot of rumors and anticipations regarding the Microsoft Windows 11 concept that may have left you pointless over what to do about your new computer.

Atm, there is no confirm information on Windows 11 that can be provided. Microsoft is currently focusing on Windows 10 and improving it in successive versions. Windows 10 Semi-Annual Channel is governed by the Modern Lifecycle Policy. Feature updates will be released twice a year for Windows 10 via the Semi-Annual Channel, targeting March and September annually.

Other Windows Release and Updates

Windows as its name may never change but that does not mean we not longer get windows updates.

As Windows has changed so much if you look at the version numbers.

starting with build 1507

then 1511 November Update released on November 10, 2015

Anniversary Update released one year later on August 2, 2016

Creators Update release on April 5, 2017

Fall Creators Update released on October 17, 2017

so since the release back in 2015 we has 4 major releases and would normally be considered as Windows 14.

Windows now just Windows and now uses code names in there releases.

Just like the next major windows code named Polaris to make windows more modular and remove x86 compatibility.

will microsoft release windows 11?

Microsoft is planning a big surprise for Windows users. As we all know Microsoft is working on the Windows 10 updates. There is a chit-chat out there for the preparation of Windows 11. It appears that Microsoft is currently planning to put entire attention on Windows 10 branding, and they want to move away from any questions or staging of Windows 11.

If the question is ‘will there be a version of Windows marketed as something greater than Windows 10?’ then here’s my answer. If that’s not your question, then see the other helpful replies below.

Marketing teams hate version numbers. They’re obtuse and difficult to use to explain an idea in simple terms a global audience will understand. You can look at any amount of hardware, software, book, music, movie, TV, etc products where the marketing teams decided the best strategy to enable pitching the product to the audience with maximum impact and least confusion was to either obfuscate the number (360, X, One, Infinity, ME, 2000, Forever, 0, Wii) or drop it altogether.

Right now the Windows marketing team has a reasonably strong brand with Windows 10. Iterating over the technology is strengthening it further in terms of reputation, and actually making brand erosion/rot somewhat irrelevant.

Until it isn’t.

Windows 10 will become depreciated as a brand name as soon as either:

Something irreparably damaged the brand (Windows ME)
A competitive product supersedes it in a way that isn’t easily matched with iterative upgrades (MS-DOS>Windows vs Apple)
They truly innovate in something completely new and different, that they want to launch and make an appropriately big splash with (like they did when they went from MS-DOS to Windows, or to Windows 95)

In real terms those ‘big splashes’ were by modern standards rather pedestrian (new input device, dialogs that can overlap etc) but were significant for their time to bring us to where we’re at now with modern interfaces and multitasking technology.

What will the next big splash be? Depending on what competitors do, I think MS is now uniquely positioned to unite many disparate technologies and become a ubiquitous behemoth that provides the foundation for commodity hardware of any type- it’d accomplish this by making platform adoption trivial, and providing development tools and support beyond anything provided elsewhere. Arguably it’s already making large strides in those areas in recent years. To me it feels like they’re still testing this strategy out (admittedly with some ballsy all-in approaches I admire) but clearly learning from past mistakes that smelled like ‘Old Microsoft’ (Windows Phone’s attempt to identikit Apple’s mobile strategy by completely ignoring competitive products).

I’d like to see the next major OS launch feature some or all of the following things:

Runs on ANY hardware, open or closed. Develop your software once, it runs on your phone, TV, Laptop, fridge, watch, credit card).

You don’t even know it’s there. Do you know or care what kind of chip your washing machine’s logic board has on it? (it might be an m68k running Java).

AI. Recent announcements in the MS toolchain offer machine learning helpers to aid developers in maintaining coding standards, integrating APIs with fewer stumbling blocks and so on. A new platform designed to throw away all the problems the current platform presents by embracing AI in an advanced way that removes all the clumsiness of APIs, frameworks, libraries and all that mess.

Be the next internet. I’m not talking Silicon Valley decentralized (that already exists). I mean Information, communication, tools and entertainment with zero barriers. Easier than turning on a tap, more accessible than a newspaper, more neutral than a mobile phone. Death to the computer, phone, TV, and any peripheral item that allows humans to slowly consume digital information in an inefficient analog state. It’s not VR. It’s not Blockchain. It’s presence.

Final Words on Windows 11

hope the new format does not suck as hard a windows 10. I have been using the internet since the 1990s and I have too say that windows ten is a piece of crap. I don’t know how they could release such a horrible system it deletes you old system so you can’t revert and your stuck with windows 10.

As a matter of fact, Microsoft has clearly declared that Windows 10 is the last Windows and they will not make any more Windows. Few tech experts are reporting Microsoft will create a new operating system but they will not give it a name of Windows, rather they might market it with new name.

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