Details on world’s first 5G modem with 5 Gbps Download Speed. 

world’s first 5G modem : ​Yes, you read it right,  5G is coming to this us. At its summit in Hong Kong The leading chipmaker company Qualcomm announced the arrival of its Snapdragon X50, the world’s first 5G modem that it claims can support download speeds of up to 5Gbps. 

For comparison, the global 4G average download speed is currently about 13.5Mbps, which means the X50 will be capable of nearly 400 times faster than that. 5G in India is still to come but you can find all Details on world’s first 5G modem with 5 Gbps Download Speed.

Details on world’s first 5G modem

But the sad news is that there aren’t yet any commercial cellular networks that support 5G standards (which still aren’t set in stone) and it isn’t likely that you’ll be able to enjoy 5Gbps download speeds when these services first become available. 

Qualcomm noted that it will begin sending out sample chips to manufacturers around the second half of 2017, and you can expect to see smartphones shipping with them starting in 2018. 

world’s first 5G modem with 5 Gbps Download Speed

Still, that’s a remarkable achievement, especially given how early in the 5G game we still are: South Korea is gearing up to launch its first 5G network in 2018; India are hoping to roll out next-gen mobile networks around 2022

Here is what Qualcomm says:

It can be paired with a Snapdragon processor with an integrated Gigabit Class LTE modem. In addition to supporting 4G LTE and mmWave 5G, the complete 4G/5G multi-mode platform is designed to help provide dual-connectivity to both (so a mobile device can connect simultaneously over both generations of technology) to achieve seamless mobility between the two.

This type of multi-mode capability was crucial for the success of 4G LTE technology, as 3G/4G multi-mode devices based on Qualcomm Technologies’ chipsets were able to fall back to 3G wherever 4G coverage wasn’t available in nascent networks.

Therefore they are at the cusp of a new generation of cellular networks, and multi-mode capability will once again be supporting the success of the fledgling generation. That’s why leadership in 4G is critical in order to lead the way to 5G.

Though the Snapdragon X50 5G modem represents many firsts for the industry and Qualcomm Technologies,  Sights are set on the ultimate goal: a true, global standard for 5G. This is coming to fruition:

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