Xiaomi Mi Band 3 Review | Users + Expert Reviews

Xiaomi Mi Band 3 Review | Users + Expert Reviews

Mi Band 3 is a good starter device for someone who just wants to track their step count, sleep, exercises, all at a budget price. The fact that you can take this thing into the shower is an added bonus. When it comes to basic fitness bands go, the Mi Band 3 actually manages to pack a lot of features and most of them tick the box, which really makes it worth the price.

Perfect one for youngsters and office people. This band will tell your sedentary behaviour, ask to getup and walk if u were sitting for over a period, vibrates for the alarm AND IT’S WATERPROOF. Apple recently launched its new watch series, Apple Watch Nike+ Series.

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Xiaomi Mi Band 3 ReviewExpert review

The new Mi Band 3 comes with a large OLED touch screen allowing you to view & reject calls, read SMS, WhatsApp and other messages and app notifications. It also has water resistance up to 50m, so now you can swim and surf while wearing the band. Honor Band 4 is also launched in India Now.

Xiaomi Mi Band 3 Review | Steps count, sleep count and other features

1) I found the Mi Band 3 to be mostly accurate with my step count, in fact a little more conservative compared to my Apple Watch.

2) I can definitely say the Mi Band 3 was not over-counting my steps, which can be a problem on many of these smaller, cheaper fitness bands. And yes, I was the idiot wearing two bands on each hand for the duration of this review.

3) During the review period, I also took the Mi Band 3 to the gym and tracked exercises.

4) Now, the band cannot track exercises with as much as accuracy as my Apple Watch, but it does give an estimate of calories burnt.

5) When it came to the treadmill, the Mi Band 3 was not far off in terms of calories burnt, and distances.

6) Mi Band 3 is accurate when it comes to sleep-tracking as well, though I am not a fan of wearing devices on my wrist while sleeping. However, if you do a need a device to track your sleep, Mi Band 3 works like a charm. And yes, it confirmed what I always knew: I sleep like a log on most days.

7) The heart-rate tracker also worked accurately and was in sync with my Apple Watch reading or close to it. Sometimes the tracker would not pick up on the heart-rate, even when I pressed the button for the mode to start. I was not sure why this happened.

Xiaomi Mi Band 3 Review | Notifications

With Mi Band 3, Xiaomi is also promising you can read notifications and dismiss calls. Be sure to turn on the settings in the Mi Fit app, and give the requisite permissions.

On Android and iOS, I got call notifications, and you can stop them from buzzing on your band by pressing the touch button. However, the ring does continue on the phone.

Xiaomi Mi Band 3 Review | Water-resistance, fit, comfort level while wearing

Mi Band 3 lives up to the claim of water-resistance. I had it on my wrist during the shower, even took it for a swim (around half an hour), and it works just fine. As I already mentioned, it does not track swimming. Honestly, if it did, the Mi Band 3 would have been an even better device compared to many of the expensive bands out there.

Mi Band has a plastic body and the band strap is also made of plastic. It can feel a little cheap at times, but then this is a budget device. The device fit me perfectly, though I wear this a little too tight. I have bony, tiny wrists and most fitness bands are too loose for me, but Mi Band 3 did not cause problems.

However, I do like to be free of my gadgets, especially when I’m sleeping and I found wearing the band to bed annoying, despite its small size. you can say it is one of the best tech gadget in fitness category

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Xiaomi Mi Band 3 User Reviews from Amazon

User 1: Great as a watch as well as Fitness tracker

1. Looks good with curved glass.
2. Raise wrist to see time. Shows watch face when you raise your wrist, works almost all the time. The band needs to be facing you(the device needs to be in vertical orientation) for it to know when you raise your wrist, it doesn’t work if the watch is facing upwards.
3. Vibration is strong and works for almost all things that you would want it for.
4. Heart rate tracking seems to be quite accurate.
5. Step tracking is very accurate and very hard to fool. Steps do not increase if you’re on a vehicle or by shaking your wrist. Steps are accurate even if you are holding your wrist up(when it is not feeling the jerks from walking).
6. Sleep tracking automatically knows when you’re sleeping and when you woke up. Also shows how much time of deep sleep you got and how you’re doing compared to other users.
7. You get app notifications based on apps you’ve chosen.
8. Reminds you to move if you’ve been idle for an hour. Can be turned off as well.

1. Not enough watch faces. Only 3 basic watch faces, not customizable.
2. Glass is Prone to scratches.
3. Wearing the band while sleeping is kind of uncomfortable if you’re not used to it, like most people. But you get used to it after a few days.
4. Heart rate tracking has a always on mode where it keeps monitoring heart rate all day, but this takes a lot of battery and your battery lasts for only 3 days at max.
5. band vibrates 2 times for each app notification which is annoying. I prefer to keep it off for whatsapp, etc.
6. You can’t customize which notifications you get from the selected apps. For example, it is not possible to get only private message notifications but not group notifications from whatsapp.
7. Alarms need to be silenced on phone even after it has been silenced on the band.
8. Band keeps vibrating even if call has been silenced on the phone.

User 2: Huge upgrade over Mi Band 2, Full touch screen, accurate measurements

I bought this band after quite a bit of research. Being an owner of Mi Band 2 for last 1 year, i feel this is a huge upgrade over the previous band(Have listed them separately). Have been trying the band for for last 3 days, below is my review based on this. I know my reviews are always lengthy, but please do hit the helpful button below if i helped you.

Fairly accurate pedometer, i compared with Apple watch and results were same
Accuracy of MI bands is very good compared to other brands in same segment
Find my device, very useful
Proximity unlock (All Android devices)
Whatspapp notifications available now
50m waterproof
Better battery(Will comment on the actual values after few days)
MI App is so good and comes with lot of features

Pros – Compared to MI Band 2

New curved design, looks much better
3 band colors (Orange, Dark blue, Black)
Full touch screen, can swipe menu
Can change band face
Large Display 0.42 > 0.78(1.9 cm, 128×80) inches OLED
Sharper and brighter display
Little larger than the older one
No button gaps that attract dirt, touch button is within the band
No cut borders in front panel, curved edges
New Thermo plastic elastomer band, no skin irritations
Larger battery, 70 -> 110 mAH

Sunlight visibility is average, but better than Band 2
Display is not always on
Screen guard cannot be applied due to the curved display
Takes longer to charge compared to Band 2(3 hours)

Other Features
Turn hands to turn on display
Pedometer, Calorie meter
Heart rate monitor
Sleep monitor
Call and Message Notifications
Waterproof (Have been using MI band 2 every day for last one year, still no issues)

I didn’t get enough time to checkout the sleep tracking. Will test it and update the review in few days. Whether you should buy it? Yes, if you are a fitness addict definitely go for it. For others who are just looking for an additional cheap gadget, yes this is for you too. I have found the band quite useful for Call, SMS and Calendar notifications. Especially while driving, you don’t need to pickup the phone to cancel or mute the call(Cannot attend call). The band is so light that you wont even feel that it exist on your hand. I did quite a lot of research before landing on this band. There might be a lot of many other bands that look way more stylish, but the issue that many users have been complaining is that the accuracy of measurements were quite bad. The only band that comes in this segment and offers a good accuracy is MI.

Other alternatives
My brother has recently purchased a MI Amazfit BIP watch which cost nearly double, but looks similar to Apple watch. I really liked it for the dark looks and always on display. It is also an option worth considering if you are ready to shell out little more.

User 3: Best fitness band below the 10k price mark

1. Very functional and reliable tracking when compared the rest (in the price range). It can easily match the expensive bands.
2. Very functional app.
3. Phone connectivity and sync is excellent even when compared to the likes of Fitbit or Garmin

1. Outdoor visibility is poor
2. Batter life drops considerably when heartbeat monitor is turned on. It is no where near to the claimed value.
3. Screen gets scratched very easily
4. UI needs to be improved. L
5. The features in the MI app don’t do justice to the hardware on this device.

Despite there being a scope for improvement (lots), for the price, this is the most value for money one can get in the smart band department. Hence the 5 stars.

User 4: Battery life king Smart companion

i have bought this band for dual purpose of watch and keeing my day to day activities more organised also minimise dependecies on notification of mobile.
after 23hrs of extensive uses here is my personal setup:
1. off HR from mi fit app
2. app notifications as much you need use *i use whatsapp only
3. calls n message activated
4. idle alert is off
5. watch face skin with all options on for maximum info.
6. when ever required go to exercise mode and use HR n all sensor at once and dont forget to off once finished from band itself

other notification are off.
i AM getting a normal battery drain of 3/5 percent which is average
For first timers and minimal light weight measurnment this is awesome also its waterproof
if you use 300cb scheme of amazon it will cost you 1699 which is dirt cheap. thanx and like it guys

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