YouTube Premium shows now available for free due to COVID-19

YouTube is offering multiple of its original shows like the Escape the Night, Step Up: High Water, Impulse and more, free of cost to all users. All of these shows are a part of the YouTube Premium for which users need to pay a fee. The YouTube Premium service also removes all of the ads from the platform, making the viewing experience much better.

Now anyone can open a show and just watch it on the platform without any issues. However, unlike YouTube Premium user, regular users will have to watch ads to view any content including the originals.

YouTube Premium shows now available for free due to COVID-19

The current catalogue of YouTube Originals being made available to users for free includes 12 shows according to Variety, which includes,

  • Escape the Night,
  • Matpat’s Game Lab,
  • Step Up: High Water,
  • Impulse,
  • Sherwood,
  • Sideswiped,
  • The Sidemen Show,
  • Foursome,
  • Me and my Grandma,
  • F2 Finding Football,
  • Overthinking with Kat & June and The Fake Show.

Apart from these, the company is also offering its kids and family originals like We Are Savvy, Hyperlinked, Fruit Ninja Frenzy Force and Kings of Atlantis.

YouTube Premium comes paired with the YouTube Music subscription and brings a number of features like background music play, no ads and more. It is priced at Rs 129 per month and at Rs 399 for three months for single account users. Family users who want to add up to five members need to pay Rs 189 per month. The discounted students pack is priced at Rs 79 per month.

During an interview with Variety, Susanne Daniels, YouTube’s global head of original content said, “With a diverse collection of fan-favourite YouTube originals now available to stream for free, we are continuing to promote safety while offering our users of all ages entertainment across the globe.

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