Zebpay Referral Code to get Rs 100 Free and upto Rs 100 per Refer

Zebpay Referral Code –  Referral code of Zebpay App – If you are New user in Zebpay App and want to invest in Bitcoin you can use Zebpay referral code and you will get Rs 100 signup bonus if you use referral code of Zebpay app and Rs 100 when your friend invest in Zebpay.

Zebpay is one of India’s leading platforms to buy & sell bitcoins. They are a mobile-first company. That means they only have a mobile app available to buy and sell bitcoins. Here is Unocoin Referral Code to Rs 200 on Sign up You can get Rs 200 Bitcoin Free From Unocoin.

Zebpay Referral Code – REF88922778

Enter Zebpay Referral Code as REF88922778 to Get Rs 100 for Free on sign up.

Zebpay is the world’s simplest bitcoin wallet. You can use Zebpay bitcoin wallet to buy and sell bitcoins in India. Users can also send and receive bitcoins as easy as instant messaging. With Zebpay, there is no need to worry about bitcoin addresses or wallet backups. You can simply send bitcoins to contacts using their mobile number using Zebpay bitcoin wallet.

The minimum amount to add to the wallet is Rs 5000. Well, it is not much high considering the extreme value of Bitcoins. You must invest a big amount to hoping for better returns. so Invest in Bitcoin in India using ZebPay is best option. So follow below steps to get your Zebpay Referral code.

How to use Zebpay Referral Code to get Rs 100 Free

1) Click here to Install ZebPay App

2) Open App and enter your Details and Verify

3) In your app, go to settings > free bitcoins


4) Enter Zebpay Referral Code as REF88922778 to Get Rs 100 for Free



5) Go to Verification menu , upload PAN Card and Bank Details

6) After verification approval , press + Sign on front screen , click Accounts and then Deposit, enter deposit amount and transfer the fund the Zebpay account mentioned in the order details

7) Now Invest in Bitcoin according to your Budget.

8) Bitcoin value keeps on Increasing and decreasing so keep eye on the value of BTC before investing.

9) We don’t know what would be the value of BTC in future, but seeing trends from past, its value keep on increasing.

10) So use Zebpay Referral code to get extra benefit of Rs 100 while investing in Bitcoin. you can refer your friends too to get 10% of what your friend invest in bitcoin Per Refer when your friend use your Zebpay Referral code while Investing in Bitcoin.

How to Get your Zebpay Referral Code From App

  1. Open Zebpay App
  2. Click on Menu [3 Lines at the Top right Corner]
  3. Now to goto Free Bitcoins Option.
  4. Here you will find your Zebpay Referral Code to share with your Friends
  5. Now share this Zebpay Referral Code with your friend and get 10% when they invest in Bitcoin.
  6. Your Friend will also get Rs 100 on Sign up when they use your Zebpay Referral Code.

How to Refer and Earn in Zebpay App

  1. In your app, go to settings > free bitcoins
  2.  If you are referring your friend, you can find your unique code under ‘share your Zebpay Referral Code
  3. Just share your Zebpay Referral code with your Friend and get 10% of there investment
  4. The free bitcoins you have earned will be shown under ‘transactions’.

How to get Zebpay Referral code to Share

  1. Open Zebpay App
  2. goto Menu Section by tapping Top Right corner
  3. Now goto Option Free Bitcoins
  4. In That page you can Find your Zebpay Referral code to share it with your Friends.
  5. When your Friend invest in bitcoin you will Earn Free Bitcoin.

Proof of Zebpay Referral Code to get Rs 100

Zebpay Vs Unocoin

when you are investing in Bitcoin in India using App then there is two options with you. One is Zebpay and one is Unocoin. Below we have discussed some facts about each app so that you can choose according to your need.

  1. Verification process in Zebpay App takes 2 Days [Max 3 Days] while in Unocoin it takes upto 7 days.
  2. Minimum to Invest in Zebpay using netbanking is Rs 2500 while in Unocoin is Rs 50
  3. App GUI of Zebpay App is better than Unocoin App
  4. You will get Rs 100 on sign up in Zebpay App if you use Zebpay Referral Code while you will get Rs 200 on sign up if you use unocoin Referral code.
  5. Per Refer is 10% of the Friends investment in Zebpay App while it is 15% from Unocoin.

Unocoin vs Zebpay

1. if you open in unocoin account now it will take minimum 15 days to verify..
2. It take too much time to deposit your balance in unocoin wallet minimum 24 hrs
3. main thing is that if you purchase bitcoin worth 10L you can sell it at 70-80k less than buy price.
4. minimum buy or sell is 1000rs.
(NOTE- if you want to buy bitcoin worth 1000 add 20-30 rs extra means it charges 1% tax and total will be 1010 if you load 1000 only it will be useless add 1050 in unocoin wallet if you want to purchase bitcoin)

advantage of Unocoin-

  1. 200 rs free bitcoin on promo code as well as 10 rs paytm on referal.
    2.SBP feature. it allows you to purchase bitcoin from 50 rs onwards..
    if you set 50 rs daily it will auto buy 50 rs bitcoin every night @12:35
  2. allows yo to recharge mobile and BMS wallet
  3. bitcoin purchase payment mode – netbanking, Wallet, Payumoney


  1. you need netbanking or neft/imps enable to buy bitcoin
  2. money sent via imps from different bank, result into return of money with 250 charge

advantages of Zebpay-

  1. if you open zebpay account it will take 3-4 days to open account
  2. instant (from rs 25 ) deposit maximum 3hrs if paid via same bank imps(use registered bank account only for express imps or neft transfer)
    you can deposit via paumoney (minimum 2500rs )but it will take 24 hrs plus some charges
  3. very less buy/sell difference.
  4. 100 rs free bitcoin on first purchase
    for that you have to apply REFERAL PROMOCODE.. PM me if you want it.

check your requirement both apps have their own benefits

and yes don’t ask me for right time to buy bitcoins.. if you think its time to buy just buy it..

in my opinion for buying and selling means for future profit Zebpay is best

Benefits and features of Zebpay App

• Fast transaction processing: Zebpay bitcoin wallet is the easiest and fastest way to buy and sell bitcoins in India. We guarantee the best rate for your bitcoin buy or sell.

• Airtime, Data Card or DTH Bills: With our bitcoin wallet, you can easily top up airtime, data card and pay DTH bills using bitcoins from over 15 operators in India.

•  Secure: 4-digit PIN to lock your wallet and outgoing transactions.

• Buy bitcoin instantly: Using our bitcoin wallet, you can buy bitcoin instantly through Rs account feature. You can buy bitcoin for as low as Rs 2,500.

• Account statement: See your full transaction history with all details.

• Rate widget: See bitcoin rates on your home screen with rate widget feature.

• Bitcoin price alert: Get bitcoin rate alerts when the price changes. You can set your own custom alerts from settings.

• Unit: Select bits or bitcoin as your preferred unit from settings.

• Trade bitcoins: Set your own bid (buy) and ask (sell) prices and your trade will execute automatically when there is a matching offer.

• Bitcoin (BTC) to INR: Instantly convert INR into or out of bitcoin.

• Free bitcoins: Refer Zebpay and get free bitcoins worth up to Rs 50,000.

So Enter Zebpay Referral Code as REF88922778 to Get Rs 100 for Free and start investing in Bitcoins. Bitcoin is increasing day by day so if you want to earn money online using Bitcoins, zebpay App is best for that.

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