Add DMCA Badge in your Site – If you want to add DMCA Badge in you site then in this post we have provided steps to add DMCA Badge in your site. Using this you will get Backlink from DMCA also which is having high DA and PA. The DMCA is the only online community which allow its user to work risk free by adding Protection badges which makes content thief hesitate when they try to copy. here’s How To Get Backlink From Youtube

Add DMCA Badge in your Site

You can add a DMCA Protection Badge to your blog to deter content thieves and protect your content. It will make content thieves hesitate when they try to copy your contents.

DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) is a United States copyright law that controls to copyrighted works. The aim of DMCA is to protect the right of intellectual property online.

Why to add DMCA Badge in your Site

  • File a DMCA Takedown if your content is stolen.
  • You will get Free Backlink for your site
  • Monitor your pages through’s secure Portal.
  • Get a Protection Status Certificate to deter content theft.
  • Pro plan to Perform DMCA Takedowns, scan for copies of your content, find out who is ripping you off and much more.

How to Add DMCA Badge in your Site

    Follow these simple steps to to Add DMCA Badge in your Site and ensure your website protection is successful and quick. here’s
  1. Visit DMCA Website and click on sign up
  2. you will get three options – click on Get Free Badge

  1. Now Select the type of Badge you want to add in your Website.
  2. Now Enter your Name and Email Address and click on sign up.
  3. Now you just need to Add the Embed Code in your Website using Plugin or without Plugin.
  4. Use Below Methods to add embed code in your Site.

Add DMCA Badge in your Site without Plugin

Though there is a WordPress  DMCA Plugin that lets you install protection badges on your site, but I won’t suggest you to install a plugin just to add a badge where you can do it by adding a widget.

Add a text widget in your blog sidebar/footer and paste the code there. (Quick Guide: Login to WordPress > Appearance > Widgets > Arbitrary text or HTML > Paste the Code > Add it to Sidebar/footer).

Add DMCA Badge in your Site with Plugin

The Protection plugin for WordPress allows you to easily integrate’s page protection badges into your WordPress site.

1) click here to install DMCA Plugin

2) Install and activate it

3) Once installed and activated, you can use the DMCA Protection Badge page in your Dashboard Settings Menu to specify how your choice of badge should be displayed in posts and pages.

4) You can also choose to display your badge site-wide using the DMCA Badge Widget.

Every page that contains a DMCA Protection Badge will be automatically added to the your protected pages list.

New web pages with the DMCA Protection Badge are detected instantly and generally appear in the secure DMCA Protection Portal Protected Pages list within 24 hours after placing the DMCA Protection Badge on your webpage.

Placing the Protection Badge on your webpage triggers the crawling / indexing systems to come check your page as it is requested.

Video Tutorial of How to Add DMCA Badge in your Site

How to confirm you have added DMCA Badge in your site

Once the protection badge code has been placed on your website / webpages, click on the badge to confirm the link to your Website Certificate works. It is quite likely the first time you click on the badge the Website Certificate will return with an error message and status “Unavailable”. However simply refresh (or hit f5) on your webpage and click the protection badge again.

Your Website Certificate will remain “Unavailable” if the Protection Badge Security crawler is unable to do the following:

1) access the page

2) parse the source code of that page

3) locate a badge on the page

4) get a HTTP 200 response from your site

A tool like Fetch as Google for sites can be used to test whether or not the Protection Badge Security crawler is able to locate the badge code placed on your website.

–place a webpage URL where the badge HTML has been added (or should be added) into the Google crawler utility

–click submit, you should see a result of your page how it would appear to Google’s site crawler. This can be used to test whether or not your website server is responding with the right headers and content.

So use above steps to Add DMCA Badge in your site. if you are facing any issues comment below and we will try to resolve your query.

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