Best tools you can use to improve your Site’s performance

It is a good option to create a stunning website but if you are not using the correct business tactics, it would be hard to earn good sums of money. Search Engine Optimization is a mandatory practice if you want your website to produce the finest monetary results. If your site is not earning money, there is no reason to have one. In addition to that, as a website owner or website manager, you should know about the tools you need to have intact.

Using the correct tools is the best way to improve the performance of the website. Secondly, the correct tools also help in acquiring better ranks. The higher the rank of the website is; the more revenue it would earn. If you are using the required tools, improving the rank is not a difficult task by any means.

The top three tools to enhance website progress

The important factor is knowing about the tools which can actual improve the progress of the website. Here are some top rated tools which you can take into consideration.

1. Prepostseo – Backlink Maker

A new website goes through several challenging stages and takes time to reach an established position. Through backlinks, the credibility and reputation of the website are increased. What is a backlink? Suppose that you have created a new website and wish to get it recognized. You can initiate the process by submitting a blog post on a reputed website along with the link of your website. The website on which you have submitted the post would have a good traffic rate. If the post is worth reading and has quality content, people would click the provided link and visit the website. This would eventually increase the rate of traffic on your website.

i) How do you know about the websites which are entertaining backlink requests? No one has the time to go through hundreds of websites and get the answer. With the backlink maker, you can get a list of all websites which would entertain backlink requests for you. If you have access to the best authentic websites, it would be very simple for your website to excel.

ii) This tool is an amazing option to get the best backlinks. Once you enter the URL of your website and click the “create backlinks” button, all possible websites. It is important that website owners are careful about the options they link for constructing backlinks. A positive website can help in getting better results. On the other hand, if you end up connecting with a substandard website, your reputation would go down.

iii) When the websites for creating backlinks are displayed, the domain authority and page authority of the links can be checked subsequently. If you see that the domain authority or page authority of a website is low, you can seek better options for back linking purposes. Here are some most effective methods to get Backlink for your Blog.

2. Softo – Domain Authority Checker

There are several web pages designed for various purposes. However, a lot of them have dependability issues. The domain authority is one simple way to determine the standard of a website. Credible websites have a high domain authority. Similarly, if a website is new or has reliability problems, it becomes hard to develop trust. The domain authority of a website is a good parameter to see how good or bad a website is.

i) This tool is very simple to use and provides credible information to the user. How can you use it? When you open the link and the interface is loaded, enter the URL of the website. You can also add multiple URL addresses at the same time to check the domain authority of each of them.

ii) The domain authority tool is used for free so you can stop worrying about paying heft charges. Website owners prefer free tools so that they can check the DA PA without spending any money. Page authority checkers have free access without any kind of conditions. Thus, even if you have to check the page authority of hundred websites, no costs would be applied.

iii) Is the domain authority of your website dropping? This is an important aspect which all website owners should be well aware of. Websites with a low domain and page rank do not have a lot of traffic. As a result, they do not get listed on the first page. It is hard to get a lot of visitors when the website does not have a high rank. With the domain authority checker tool, you get a feel of whether your website is progressing well or not.

3. Prepostseo – Spider Simulator

Do you know that when a new website is created or an existing one undergoes changes, the information is collected through the process of crawling? Spiders crawl and collect the required information. What information would the spider crawl and attain? This is a key piece if information which website owners should have. Only the information crawled is displayed against searches. Thus, you should know what the content read by spiders.

i) With a spider simulator, you can get the answer to this question. These tools are very simple and easy to use. They are used online without any the need to install any tools.

ii) What is the process of using a spider simulator? You only have to enter the link of the website and click the “check” button. In accordance with the particulars of the website, various outputs would be shown to you. These would include the meta description, meta tags and the text which the spider would read through.


A website does not hold any value without correct SEO procedures. You can make things easy for yourself by using the correct tools. The backlinks maker helps you to improve your website reputation and connect with established websites. Similarly, with the page authority tool, you can check the standing of your own website. The spider simulator that checks the content which would be attained through crawling. By using the correct tools, you can improve the rank of your website in the easiest manner.

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