How to understand that you faced a scammer

At some point in our lives, we all realize that we need to expand the circle of friends or even find a lover. The most convenient way to do this is to use various dating websites. Via the help from those websites, you will be able to find new friends and lovers. But not all dating websites are as trustworthy as romancecompass.

A scam is not welcomed there, and the administration of this website continuously fights against scammers. Unfortunately, on some dating websites, the administration doesn’t want or simply can’t fight scammers effectively.

How do I understand that I am chatting with a scammer?

Usually, on such a website, very soon you will receive a letter from a very nice man or woman (it depends on whom you search). The account of this person may look OK, with a large bio and nice photos. What else could you wish for on a dating website? At least for a lovely conversation with your new friend and future lover.

And of course, you will get it! What a lucky person you are! The conversation with your new friend will be just as perfect as his or her account. You will feel that your soulmate is right here in front of you. But unfortunately, the reality is rather harsh and cruel.

1. Pay attention to your conversation

When you have a conversation with a scammer, you feel that your wishes came true, and he or she is the man or woman of your dreams. But ask yourself, how many chances there are that, in the first week of online dating, you will meet your true love? Of course, there is a possibility to find your true love, but chances are 1:1000. Usually, scammers on dating websites rely on your inexperience in online dating.

2. Too many people want to date with you

Of course, you are a very nice man, but come on, have you ever been as popular in real life as you are popular in online dating? Be very careful if too many girls send you letters or invitations first. Usually, girls don’t start a conversation because they give this right to men.

Scammers usually use many accounts and hunt their targets from all of them at once. But not at the same time; they usually prolong their hunting time for a week or two. They begin with their first account, and if you didn’t buy this, then they switch to the second one, so on and so forth. So during your first two weeks, it is better.

3. Pay attention to the first letter

You should pay very close attention to his or her first letter. Scammers always text you first because when they wait for them, they literary lose money. Ask yourself how hard it is to rewrite the first letter from your new online friend if you would like to send it to someone else? Because they use massive spam mailing.

There are bots that change personal names in letters, while other text remains untouched. Thus, if you can easily put some other name instead of yours in this letter, and it will look pretty much OK and may suit some other people, then you know that you have faced with a scammer

4. Your new partner asks for money

Usually, scammers are parts of a huge industry on unreliable dating websites, but sometimes you may meet those who “work” for themselves. Usually, those people behave like normal people. They have pretty standard or even “low-quality” pages, and poorly written bios. In other words, they pretend to be absolutely normal people, without the glossy image that scammers love so much.

But these people are no better than scammers because they share the same goas. They begin a conversation with you pretty normally, or it may be even you who finds them and wants to have a conversation. Your lovely chat may last for a week or even a couple of months, but sooner or later, your online partner will ask for money.

Scammers have always existed throughout human history, especially in dating. Because human preferences change very often. Today, you want to buy a brand new iPhone, and tomorrow, you are dreaming about a new Android smartphone. But we will never be able to deal with our loneliness. This is why there always will be a scam in dating. But now you know more about this. Thus, you are more protected.

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