The best transcription services for your mobile phone in 2021

Whenever you need to convert audio or video to text, mobile apps and different services simplify this time-consuming and demanding process. There is a wide range of special mobile apps to choose from. But it doesn’t mean that you should click on the first transcription website or app you see on the Internet.

The crucial step is to analyze the quality and specifics of your content. Be it an audio or video transcription, the price, and type of necessary services depend on the quality of the source. Here are the main points to pay attention to:

  • The number of speakers
  • The accent or non-native English speakers
  • Vocabulary used
  • Background noise
  • Volume 
  • The overall quality of an audio or video file

This all will influence the choice of an app or service that offers the most efficient results in your case. 

The main types of transcription apps

If you think that all transcription services are automated, it is a common mistake. There are separate services for manual and automated transcription. Let’s have a closer look at each of them.

Automated transcription software

These are the services using special speech recognition technology, often AI-based to transcribe audio to text. They are more suitable if your content has high quality or you need to receive the ready text within a short time.  The shorter your video or audio is, the faster turnaround time different services offer to convert it into text. 

When talking about the accuracy of such transcription we can say that it depends on the technologies used.  As a rule, it is 80% or higher. If the app or service provides additional editing or proofreading, it is a huge plus. The prices are more affordable if compared with hiring professional transcribers. 

Human-based transcription services

This is the most efficient type of transcription that offers 99% accuracy. However, if you decide to hire talented international transcriptionists, be ready for additional expenses. Their services cost much more than their automated analogs. The quality is flawless and many apps offer short deadlines because they work with certified transcriptionists. You can choose from verbatim, non-verbatim transcription depending on your goals and content type. 

What are the best transcription services to use in 2021?

Here are the most popular and trustworthy apps and services to choose from.


Transcriberry is an effective service that helps transcribe videos and audio to text. It offers both human-based and automated transcription. The upcoming Transcriberry services are creating foreign subtitles and translations. The highlight of this service is that manual transcriptions are done by professionals. It is a great choice for different types of content, from podcasts and webinars to phone calls and recordings of meetings. For automated transcriptions, this service applies top-notch tools for speech recognition. Fast delivery is also one of the biggest advantages. If the content is shorter than 60 minutes, the transcription is ready within one day. 


This service provides both human-based and automated transcriptions. For manual transcription, this service provides 99% accurate results within 36 hours. The price range varies depending on the accent, noises in the background, and low-quality files. The interface is simple. The user only uploads the file, selects the plan, and makes a payment. The ready text is provided in a Microsoft Word file within the scheduled deadline. 

When it comes to automated transcriptions, Scribie offers a free service. Its huge benefit is fast turnaround time and high accuracy. Within 30 minutes, you receive 80-95% accurate texts for speakers with an American accent. 


This service is popular for its middle ground between speed and accuracy. It is not so fast if compared with similar services, but the quality of transcripts is considerably higher. This service offers affordable prices. The app has a very helpful feature to record audio straight on the phone and transcribe it right away. Using it, you can also generate captions and subtitles for your video. 


Otter is an AI-based transcription service that has both free and paid options. The free plan offers 600 minutes of automated transcription per month. If you choose a paid plan, more minutes are available. The service is usable and the transcribed texts have high accuracy due to AI-driven technologies used. This is one of the most outstanding services that offer automated converting content to text. 


This service has done an amazing job on improving the quality of its services. This is an optimal choice if you have speakers with various accents, non-natives, or even content in other languages apart from English. The process may take a few days, but as a result, you receive a flawless and error-free transcript. They fire only professional transcribers who deal with video and audio files of any complexity. They support 48 languages and the most difficult accents. 


While not as rocket-fast as some of its competitors, this service offers considerably lower prices. If you are on a tight budget, this service will be the best pick for you. It is worth mentioning that affordability doesn’t mean low quality, in this case. The error rate is low and the texts are quite accurate. Apart from the main services, Transcribeme offers translation and AI datasets. 


Temi is another AI-powered service to transcribe audio files. If the content quality is low, the company suggests manual transcriptionists. Their highlight is fast turnaround time and the ability to edit the transcript right away. Temi is a quick and relatively affordable service for those who don’t target flawless results and are ready to spend some time checking and editing. This company uses innovative tools that enable presenting decent results even for complex pieces. 

Summing up

We hope that our list of the most popular services helped you make a wise choice that fits your unique needs. Pay attention to the file quality and improve it if possible. The price and time needed for transcription will directly depend on these factors. 

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