How to Find Best Deals on Amazon

How to Find Best deals on Amazon: Ok ! I am going to write a Simple Search string to find the discounted products on Amazon(It works on Amazon India also ). There is no option in Amazon website to sort products by discount on price .So You can find products with good discount daily with this trick. Like a deal below.

So How to found these deals on Amazon ?A simple search string to search for discounted items in any category of . It is very easy and useful.

So Here is the string or URL

It is simply a URL which is to be pasted in address bar of your browser.just edit node number & xy value .

What you have to do is to follow the below steps.

1) First find the node number

2) To find the node number go to the category you want to purchase the product from on Amazon and note down(Copy) the node number

3) Did you see the node number in the above URL ? Yes it is 1350380031.Y you can find node number by going to category and find the node number in the URL /Address Bar.

Go to : Categories of Amazon for finding the node number easily .

4) Put the node number in the main string given

5) It will looks like as shown below

6. Change x and y value as per your preference .

If you did not find your favorite product in the discount band of 80–90[ x-y ] then search for (30–50) or (50–60) or so on.You can apply Amazon Fulfilled & Sort by Price too after search results shown

For example

Hope you all like it and can use it to find some great deal on Amazon everyday.

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