How to Fix whea uncorrectable error [Solved]

If you are facing whea uncorrectable error in your windows and want to fix whea uncorrectable error overclock then we have mentioned some ways to fix whea uncorrectable error startup. This error can occur any time like whea uncorrectable error when playing games is common issue. So below we have provided many steps of How to Fix whea uncorrectable error.

In cases when your hard drive is not responding or when your Ram is not working, or when your main board is not functioning properly, then reason would be whea uncorrectable error. The reason can be the Driver you have recently installed on your system is not installed properly, or may be the installed version is not compatible with your device, so it is safe to first check for the drivers.

Fix whea uncorrectable error

The Whea Uncorrectable Error is technically assigned error code 0x0000124. You can encounter it with any of the Windows OS. Unlike most stop errors, the occurrence of the error signals a serious issue with hardware attached to your computer. Such hardware can be the disk hosting the OS (CPU), graphics card and memory modules among other hardware.


There are two main reasons that cause the BSoD “WHEA UNCORRECTABLE ERROR” in your Windows 10.

  • Defective or hardware, like damaged hard disk, incompatible drivers, failed processor, etc. can result in this bug check.
  • Components running at a higher speed than it was designed to run will overheat the machine and cause the WHEA UNCORRECTABLE ERROR blue screen.
  • When you install the new driver for your hardware, some Conflict in Drivers may arise.
  • Some Virus or malware infection on your device can also be the cause of this.
  • Corrupt or missing Registry files of the system.
  • A damaged Hardware can lead your system to this error.
  • Damaged hard disk.

How to Fix whea uncorrectable error

Although the error message indicates that it is “uncorrectable”, there are several ways of resolving the error. If you are also facing the wheauncorrectable error overclock error then here are some solutions which can help you in solving this issue.

1. Reboot your Updated or Upgraded Windows PC

When you do have received the BSOD WHEA uncorrectable error message during use, you can go reboot your updated or upgraded Windows PC. Why? If your computer only has such error problems due to some small and temporary faults, like overheated computer problems, the PC will often automatically repair them during the restating process. So, just try it soon.

2. Use Check Disk Utility to Fix Hard Drive Disk Errors

Corrupted system files can also result in whea uncorrectable blue screen error and many other issues like that, such as DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL error, 0x0000003B Service Registration is Missing or Corrupt error Windows Kmode Exception not Handled Error, etc. You can use CHKDSK command lines to verify and repair those faulty system files:

1) Use Windows shortcut keys Win + X to launch the Jump List, and then select Command Prompt (Admin).

2) Type into the command line CHKDSK C: /F /R and hit the key Enter.

3) Follow the instruction on screen. Windows 10 will restart and find corrupted files in system. Just wait for a while until it finishes the work.

4) Your Windows computer will boot up, and start to check and verify the whole system to find any corrupted file.

5) It might take a while to complete, so please don’t turn off the PC while it’s checking and verifying.

3. Using Run Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool

It could indicate that your RAM is at fault. Must check whether the RAM memory is corrupted if it is corrupted then replace it with the new one. For this you can run the Memory toll to see for sure and fix any problem.

1) First Of All, Go to Search Option & Type Windows Diagnostic Tool

2) Open the free Diagnostic tool of Windows 10 to solve Windows 10 error.

3) After that select Restart now and check for  Possible problems to check the status of your memory card right now, or choose Check for problems the next time I start my computer if you are too occupied now.  

 4) And  restart your computer, If you don’t see any error here, it’s likely that your memory card is not causing any issues.

4. Remove Junk Files (Disk Cleanup)

Leaving your computer to accumulate a lot of junk files can lead to serious conflicts capable of causing Whea Uncorrectable Error. Remove all junk files to eliminate any possible conflicts.

1. Press the combination of Win+ X keys open up menu.

2. Select “Command Prompt (Admin)” option.

3. Click “Yes” to run the command prompt as an administrator.

4. Type “cleanmgr” before hitting Enter.

5. The tool will begin to run automatically. It calculates how much used space you can claim on the hard disk. Check all the dialogue boxes occupied by unnecessary files including the temporary files box.

6. Click “OK” to let the tool remove all junk files. Revert to what you were doing before the error occurred to see if this fixes Whea Uncorrectable Error error for you.

5. Disable Over – lock Feature

One common way of fixing the Whea Uncorrectable Error is by disabling the overlocking feature. This requires that you access your computer’s BIOS.

1. Click to open “Start Menu”.

2. Click “Settings”.

3. Click “Update and Security” before clicking on “Recovery” tab.

4. Click “Advanced Startup”.

Your computer should restart automatically with advanced startup option.

5. Go to “Troubleshoot” >Advanced Options > UEFI Settings.

6. Click “Restart”.

Your computer should restart and open BIOS.

7. Go to “Advanced” tab” >Performance. Search for the Over-locking feature and disable it.

8. Press F10 to save the change in BIOS.

Restart your computer normally to find if you are getting Whea Uncorrectable Error Blue screen of death this time.

6. Uninstall the Recently Installed Program

If you can enter Windows 10 after the SYSTEM THREAD EXCEPTION NOT HANDLED blue screen, go and uninstall the program you’ve recently installed. If you are not sure which program or services or startup causes the blue screen, you can perform a clean boot to find out the troublemaker.

7. Do a System Restore

You can restore your windows to previously working Time. Every system generates a system restore Points so if your System Protection is turned on, Windows will create a restore point before you install the driver. Then you can follow these steps to restore the driver to earlier version to fix this issue.

1) Press Win+R (Windows logo key and R key) at the same time to invoke a run box.

2) Type rstrui.exe and click OK. The System Restore Window will open.

3) Click Next then you may see the following screen. Select a restore point that was created before the error occurred. Click Next to continue and follow the on-screen instructions to finish the restore.

4) Reboot your PC and check to see if the problem whea uncorrectable error resolved.

Hope this method to fix whea uncorrectable error works for you.

8. Remove suspicious or virus infected apps

When you are sure you have installed several apps, games and the like tools on your PC, also start antivirus software to remove all suspicious or virus infected ones off from your computer before it is too late.

9. Go into Safe Mode and then uninstall/Update the driver

To fix whea uncorrectable error go into Safe Mode and then uninstall the driver or drivers that are causing the problem. To go into Safe Mode from the sign in screen, follow these simple steps:

  1. Grab your Windows 10 computer.
  2. Restart your Windows 10 computer.
  3. Then, press the Shift key and hold it down.
  4. Next, choose the Power option and restart your computer.
  5. Once your Windows 10 restart, press either the 4 key or F4. This will select the start your Windows 10 PC in Safe Mode. You could also press either the 5 key or F5, which will then go to Safe Mode with Networking.

Once you have booted your Windows 10 computer in Safe Mode follow one of the sets of steps above, follow these simple steps to uninstall the problematic drivers:

  1. Hit the following two keys at the same time: The Windows key and the R key. This action will prompt a Run dialog to appear on your screen.
  2. Then, type the following command into the run box: “msconfig” [no quotation marks].
  3. Once you have typed the command in, click on the OK button. This action will prompt the System configuration window to display on the screen.
  4. The System configuration has several tabs. Click on the Boot tab.
  5. Check the Safe boot box.
  6. Click on the Ok button.
  7. Finally, click on Restart

Once your computer has restarted, you will be in a position to uninstall the problematic drivers in total safety:

  1. Hit the following two keys at the same time: The Windows key and the R key. This action will prompt a Run dialog to appear on your screen.
  2. Then, type the following command into the run box: “devmgmt.msc” [no quotation marks].
  3. Once you have typed the command in, click on the OK button. This action will prompt the System configurationwindow to display on the screen.
  4. Next, you will need to expand the category and search for any devices (drivers) that have a yellow sign displaying next to them. This is how you will identify the driver or drivers causing the error.
  5. Then, you will need to remove each of the problematic errors one by one by right clicking on each of them and selecting uninstall.

Once you have safely removed each and every one of the problematic drivers, you will need to restart your Windows 10 computer. If you did check the Safe boot box when you restarted your computer before, make sure that you uncheck it before restarting your PC this final time.

So these are some ways to fix whea uncorrectable error. If you are facing any issues in any method, comment below and we will try to resolve your query.

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