Mobile App Suggestions for Improving Skills in 5 Popular Categories

In today’s modern society, mobile apps help to make various aspects of life easier

In both the Google Play and Apple Store combined, there are over 4 million mobile applications ready for download. Furthermore, the average smartphone owner has approximately 40 apps on their devices, making use of around 9 per day. Click here to find more information about mobile app trends in 2022. Given these figures, it’s clear that modern society is fully embracing mobile app technology. However, out of all the ways in which apps can make life easier for users, one of the most useful is by acting as training tools to aid people in different tasks and goals. In this article we provide the best app suggestions for improving skills in five popular categories.

For Becoming a Better Runner

When it comes to running, this common form of exercise often comes easier to some than others. Whether you are training to compete in an important competition, just beginning your running journey, or jumping back onto the track after some time off, apps can help. For example, one of the best of all time is called ‘Couch to 5K,’ a digital training program that has assisted thousands of first-time runners in reaching the finish line. There are plenty of similar products to this in the mobile app world, with many of them allowing users to record their runs and share their activity on social networks. This creates virtual running communities that have proven to act as motivational tools for consistency.

For Navigating the Kitchen

Cooking: a skill that many people wish they were proficient in, but which few actually are. Perhaps you have some basic knowledge of prepping great meals but would like to take your abilities in the kitchen even further, inviting friends over for dinner parties and dazzling taste buds across the room. Well, unsurprisingly, there’s an app for that. Jam-packed with educational guides, a wealth of how-to content, recipe videos and more, here are some great app resources for getting started.

For Tackling Strategy in Popular Games

Since the release of the record-breaking Netflix hit The Queen’s Gambit late last year, an already beloved strategy game has completely exploded in popularity. Chess is one of the oldest board games of strategy that is still commonly played today. Nowadays, the only difference is that the digital era has brought the classic game online, with a huge audience of virtual players. To assist users in getting ahead of their game, instructional chess apps teach useful techniques that can be taken back to the board. Players of another hugely popular strategy game, poker, can also work to master their gameplay with the help of apps. In the same way that chess players can strengthen their abilities with digital resources, poker players of today have traded in hefty books for those fundamentals that can fit right inside their pockets. These apps make learning the strategic card game easier than it has ever been, even for complete beginners.

Because mobile apps can be taken with users on the go, they can carry out the actions listed here and many more anytime they want

For Enhancing Artistic Abilities

At first glance, becoming a better artist can be daunting. With so many techniques to learn and supplies to purchase, it can feel like a long process from novice creator to masterful painter. However, no matter the type of art you wish to create, mobile apps can help you enhance your artistic abilities sooner rather than later. And the best part is, this means you can practice even while on-the-go. Whether riding on the train, waiting to meet a friend, or standing in line at the store, download one of these mobile apps that are perfect for any skill level.

For Developing Useful Study Habits

Although we wish it wouldn’t, at some point the summer will come to an end and students will flood back into university halls and crowded school rooms, taking loads of homework and assignments home with them. This year, why not be a student that is prepared for the challenge? Whether you need assistance with making to-do lists, carving out focus time, or creating long and short term study goals, these mobile apps make it their job to be your best study buddy. Not to mention, they are free!

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