Recover Lost Files with EaseUS Data Recovery Software

How stressful that particular time is when you put all your efforts to structure your college assignment or office data, but it accidentally gets deleted? Further, what if you accidentally break your phone and lose all your beautiful and precious memories. Hence, the loss of important files is one nerve-racking situation when you, on the other hand, are trying to recover the file but fail to do that.

So, now you would be wondering the other alternatives of how to restore your important file when it gets deleted from the recycle bin too? If you unintentionally delete the folder while pressing the shift key, the file will run automatically without your consent be stored in the recycle bin. However, we have got you another substitute for your complexities to ease you in restoring files.

With the fast pace world, software and hard drive applications are increasingly developing. So is the one, EaseUS, that is a hard drive recovery wizard that can easily restore your lost files, data, pictures, documents, virus attacks, formatting errors, and any other data loss. We have such an innovative tool to manage very common issues.

How does it work?

You might be first interested in knowing how does the software works? Spending on a tool that does not give you the useful benefits is awful. Further, you do not have an experience to operate with it. Just follow the pretty simple steps and voila you’re done!

There are two types of flexible scanning modes — one that searches the deleted files by using the algorithm for quick result whereas other by scanning the storage device.

For instance, you deleted the important file from your desktop and from the recycle bin too. After a few months, your boss suddenly awakens from his peaceful sleep and asks you to present that document. Yes, now you must be worried how to get that deleted file! Never mind, EaseUS got you a solution to every hardware driver problem.

All you must do is download the software. There would be a splash screen with hard drives. Select the hard disk that you have deleted and scan it. This will show you all the files that were deleted. Now you can filter your important file, select the file that you want to recover and then click the recover button.


However, you must keep the following indicators in your mind before you download the software.

1)Your software can be deleted or replaced if you install it in the drive you want to restore the file from.

2) Make sure your drive is not affected by any harmful virus or bug so that you can restore the deleted files.

3) Do not copy or paste otherwise you might not be able to obtain the original file. If you copy the folder, then it might replace the files sector.


The EaseUS does not only work with the hard drives stored in your laptop but also can recover the data from your USB drives, memory cards, and other storage devices. It can operate on various Windows servers and offers all-in-one free data recovery in different loss situations.


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