Windows 12 Release Date, Features and Other Updates

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Windows 12 Release Date, Features – Windows 12 is the upcoming windows of Microsoft, Windows Lovers have been desperately waiting for this window after the last released version from Microsoft which is windows 11.  Windows 11 is a great window having all the feature that a user always dreamed off. A Microsoft is planning to improve the way to reset or upgrade a computer running Windows 12.

But then again, it’s all about new windows and experiencing its new features which is highly expected that it will be windows 12. As of now Windows 12 release date is not at all in the near future. Microsoft told this in one of its tech conferences that, it’s going to work intensively on Windows 11. The unique date of launch has not yet been officially declared. But, you can assume Windows 12 in Oct of 2024.

When Microsoft released windows 11 after windows 10 people were surprised by this action, We keep on updating details on windows 12 as we get any information. You can use these Popular apps and software that you may install on your phones or computers to simplify your work

Windows 12 Release Date, Features

I don’t mean Windows 11 as a service was just empty words, but this business model may turn to be less effective for MS in some time so they gonna change it, together with Windows 12 version. Giving Microsoft’s current stance on Windows being treated as a Service instead of an individual product. I can see Windows 12 just being larger updates that add onto the already-active Windows 11 code base.

Microsoft just announced about windows 12 but not any thing about its version, system requirements, features. may be at the end of this year ,Microsoft announce about windows 12 system requirements. The model Microsoft are using going forward is, twice yearly a new version of Windows (called a Feature Update) will be released. That feature update will include any new Functionality and features available for Windows and will deprecate older features

Expected Features of Windows 12

1) windows 12 would be a great window ever by fixing all design and internal processing issues which systems in the pack lack.

2) new design windows that would be having change in design from left to right and more shortcut features to quickly access the required files.

3) We can also expect the fastest internet explorer in windows 12, as with windows 10 “EDGE” explorer does work best but then again we need fast browser like chrome, really if they can create a window why they can’t create the fastest browser.

4) The very Next feature which all of us desperately need is to record screen, Although we have not yet seen any built-in screen recorders in windows but we can expect a screen recorder in windows 12.

5) To be honest, the news that Microsoft’s upcoming Windows 12 will be focusing entirely on VR is not that surprising for us.

6) The Redmond giant wants to make VR available and affordable for the general public.

7) There were many errors like Windows 11 Memory Management Error and Bad Pool Header issue in Windows 11, hope these all be fixed in Windows 12.

Windows 12 Release Date

Microsoft is planning to release a new operating system called Windows 12 in Late 2024. The unique date of launch has not yet been officially declared. But, you can assume Windows 12 in Oct of 2024.

Apart from this windows releasing every few years is must for Microsoft as its their main source of revenue and you can expect more windows very soon.

Can I upgrade Windows 11 to Windows 12 for free?

It Depends on Microsoft as you may get option to upgrade windows 11 to windows 12 for free.

Other Updates on Windows 12

I’ll bet Microsoft some day is going to abandon the 10 from the name, as the real version number is hidden in build number of updates, which are effectively new releases of Windows. Microsoft now delivers them in more easy to use way and frees themselves from very long term support of some legacy systems. So we can expect Windows 12 soon or there will be windows 13.

Now you may be thinking, why would Microsoft stay with Windows 10 forever, well from now on they will update like Ubuntu and Apple, so there will be biannual major updates, till now these were the Redstone updates, next year it will be RS4, the current one is RS3 or also “The Falls Creators Update”. [Written in Nov 2017]

So you can conclude that yes there will be major updates like 8 to 8.1 or the Windows 7 SP1 update, but Microsoft won’t do any giant updates like 7 to 8 or XP to Vista, as these now are done partially through each update. (Original Win10 and current one are very different).

Microsoft has a development team that is assessing customer requirements, engineering solutions, and coding them to certain specifications. When bugs are discovered, they are fixed, and updates are pushed to the customer. Depending on the scope, there are major releases, and other software can be written to require a certain release.

Windows hasn’t had any discussions about a Windows 11 or 12 we are not stating that there hasn’t been but Microsoft has recently had an announcement stating that Windows 10 was going to be around for at least 10 20 years but we don’t know that for sure we don’t know if this is the final operating system for a while until Microsoft figures out new ways

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  3. OK so regardless of the value of the information in this piece, which I can’t judge since I don’t do windows 😛 I am curious from which country this blog emanates, because it doesn’t look like an English speaker wrote this. For example, “a great window having all the feature that a user always dreamed off” would read better if it were “a great Windows having all the features that a user always dreamed of.” Thank you.

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  4. I hope that the next windows will be without the bloat they keep us users spend long time removing. A clean OS without anything but a browser (easily removable) to get the browser of the users choice and that all the spam that is included in Windows not to be removed by users is something that the user can install or leave out according to users wishes and not to Microsoft

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    1. The biggest of the biggest op system windows 11 has launched so don’t waste your time (like me) in searching for windows 12. windows 11 is the best watch tutorialson how to download that not this.
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