Best Childhood Memories for a 90’s Kid

Best Childhood Memories for a 90’s Kid: Here are some of random images that really defined my childhood and entrance into boyhood in India of 90s. By mid 1990s we had the Internet. I remember the iconic reception Bill Gates got in India to launch Windows 95.
Even the regional magazines were full of things about Bill Gates [maybe Microsoft PR did a lot of spending]. Internet was a rage in the late 1990s. so below are some best Childhood Memories for a 90’s Kid.

Best Childhood Memories for a 90’s Kid

1. School Bags:

Heavy weight in our back but named as bag..!

Our eyes will be searching for a bag which looks royal,

but maximum time we get the same kind as before, 🙁

2. Video Games:

Our super hero will be “Super Mario

and we assume as a professional shooter in the game “Duck Hunt

3. Our Time Pass Snacks.

The things can be buy at very low price. (i.e) 25p 🙂

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Lol:) it may end in fight with siblings for the colors in it.

One Colorful pepsi, makes you cool while playing in afternoon.

4. Lunch Bag:

No modern/stylish lunch bags..!
we just search for a better color than previous one for every year.

5. Shaktimaan:

Having competition with friends to collect more shaktimaan pictures, and we can find these stickers in doors. :):):)

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6. TV shows:

Our TV heros. They make us to feel like as we are fighting there!! 🙂

7. First Cycling.( feels as “we are the first one to ride like this”):

8. Most impressive technology (Camera):

Kodak flim role camera.

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9. Laser Light:(attack others :P)

Different types of shapes, that was really funny to play with strangers in night. 😛

10. This was used by many boys to make them stylish:

11. Candle light study:

candle light study – main intention is to create good impression in front of relatives or others.( playing well when current is there and study when current goes off)

12. Relaxing radio:

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but it occupies more space for its cassettes. 🙂

13. Chocolates:

14. First long journey in train:

Will be very eager to change of seat to berth.

15. Games:

(snake game in 1100)

I forgot to mention these funny rides… 🙂

and also


17. Flip Book:

our creative short film !

18. Fancy dress competition:

19. Do anyone remember these:

Woooww…. yummy chocolate watch :p

Rain enjoyments

Writing Leave Letter after a serious discussion.

Exam pad. (only brown color or else we had a use of calender board)

and this,

20. Favorite Cartoons:

Road runner.. coyote will never catch roadrunner. but he has lots of ideas.

Dexter’s laboratory…

Little funny scientist …

The Powerpuff girls…

very small and cute…

Tom and jerry…

And someone says these all happened to them in 2000s, yes of course. We can’t seperate the period of 1990-2006/2007, in this periods all were same, every kids went to play outside and attached with neighborhood kids. Only after 2007 and above smart phones changed everyone’s life, including adults.

21. takeshi’s castle:

We don’t understand their language but had a funny show. 🙂

22. Doordarshan’s starting tune:

Who all start their day with this music?

23. Cricket with all different age friends:

24. Rainy evening from school:

25. How is this working?

Here are some more cartoons and things we used to do.

26. Swat cats:

27. Flintstones:

28. Popeye the sailor man poom poom:

29. Sakalaka boom boom:

and even we tried to buy that pencil but in those days it seems to be costly.

30. Boomer. (Boom Boom boomer):

31. We had this, and used to adjust it most of the times:

32. Coins that we used:

33. Favourite Pencil:

34. Games that used to play:

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